Q: Can I use your lyrics / song?

You're more than welcome to use my lyrics or cover/original as long it is for non-profit use. My music is set up with Content ID, so if you are using it for non-profit purposes, and don't mind that, you are more than welcome to use my work as long as you give credit (make sure to also credit those involved in the song - i.e. mixers, musicians)! If you can also post a link back to my channel or my video, that would be amazing!

Q: Can I request a song? 

You sure can! While I can't promise I'll be able to get to each and every request, I do my best to at least put each one into consideration! If you have a request, drop me a comment on YouTube or tweet me @LeeandLie! (hint hint: I usually see them better on Twitter)

Q: What microphone/ programs do you use? 

I currently use a Blue Kiwi and a Neumann TLM 103 microphone (depending on the song) with a Universal Apollo Twin X Duo audio interface. For my older covers (Before Dec 2012) I used a AT2020 mic, which I recommend if you're just starting out since it's more affordable! But there are a lot of great mics out there. You don't have to spend a fortune! As for programs, I mainly use Logic Pro X for recording. If you're looking for a program to start recording with, I recommend Garage Band or Audacity, plus they're free programs. 

Q: How do you make your lyrics? 

Blood, sweat and tears - and the occasional sacrifice! Seriously though, I just adapt the song line by line, trying to keep as true to the original meaning as possible while also putting my own spin on the lyrics. 

Q: Can you use my lyrics? 

Even though there have been some exceptions to this, I prefer to write my own lyrics for my covers and songs. The entire creative process, from start to finish, of making a cover truly my own is what I love and lyrics are a huge part of that. 

Q: Any advice for someone starting out? 

Voice acting, singing -- The best thing you can do is practice. That's really what it all boils down to because there's no 'quick' way to improve. If you're still in school, try taking a music or vocal lessons. I recomend reaching out to your peers and asking for critiques. When I was starting out, the YouTube community helped me immensely (and still does!) You'll get some not-so-helpful comments and maybe a brutal one here and there.. but don't let that discourage you from uploading your work because there will be a few golden ones that will set you on the right path and encourage you to keep improving. I also suggest listening to other singers and learning from their techniques until you develop your own vocal style. That's how I learned! If you can, work some practice hours into your daily schedule! Don't give up. If it's something you truly love, keep at it.

Q: Do you have a Discord server?

I do! but it's only for my patrons on Patreon. The Discord server is available to all my patrons $1 and up - You can even set your monthly cap limit to $1 so that you ONLY ever pay that much per month. You'll also get early access to my videos a week early and a bunch of other stuff!

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